Whether you need a personal injury attorney’s help after a truck accident is up to you. You can choose to represent yourself or have a professional attorney represent you in the insurance claim. However, it’s best if a personal injury lawyer represents you since they’ll ensure you get the best deal possible. 

If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer in Orlando, you understand the importance of legal representation in truck accident cases. You can focus on recuperating, knowing that your personal injury lawyer is doing everything to hold those responsible for your injuries accountable. 

Why Should I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer Immediately After The Truck Accident?

There’s no law requiring you to hire a personal injury lawyer after leaving the truck accident scene. However, it would be best to start looking for a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. 

Did you know that trucking companies and drivers are under strict federal and state safety regulations? So, when a truck is involved in an accident, the trucking company and driver might face heavy penalties. These trucking companies enjoy the protection of powerful insurance providers with the resources to immediately send insurance adjusters to the accident scene to conduct investigations. And the last thing you need is for the responsible party to investigate the accident and decide how much to compensate you. Chances are, this compensation won’t be fair to you.

The statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits in Florida is four years. However, waiting too long to file a claim can result in the loss or destruction of evidence. Without evidence, it becomes almost impossible to prove you have a case. Also, as time passes, remembering the events of the accident might become difficult. 

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Another important reason you should contact an experienced lawyer is to prevent the disappearance of important trucking company records. No law requires trucking companies to retain their driver’s and truck records indefinitely. So, to prevent the disappearance of crucial information, a preservation letter from your personal injury attorney is required. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Handling truck accident cases is a complex legal undertaking. To prove the trucking company or driver was negligent, you’ll need the help of an experienced truck accident attorney. Below are the benefits of working with a personal injury lawyer. 

Negotiations Are Handled By A Professional

Most truck accident lawyers have experience handling compensation negotiations. Remember, the insurance company has insurance adjusters to help them negotiate and drive the final compensation amount down. Dealing with insurance adjusters on your own can be overwhelming. You’ll be under a lot of pressure to accept their offer. However, an attorney experienced in dealing with insurance adjusters can successfully prove the other party’s wrongdoing and ensure you receive fair compensation.

You’ll Enjoy Peace Of Mind

The consequences of a trucking accident are disastrous. There could be fatalities, or the injuries could be severe. The emotional turmoil caused by truck accidents is also severe. So, the last thing truck accident victims need is the added stress of personally handling the insurance claim. After hiring a professional truck accident lawyer, you can rest and focus on your healing. Your lawyer will deal with all the heavy lifting as you try to deal with the injuries or losses you’ve suffered.

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You’ll Receive Your Compensation Faster

If you’re handling the insurance claim on your own, you’ll have to wait for your injuries to heal to start the process. And if you don’t have the experience handling accident cases, your journey will be long and difficult. You’ll face a lot of legal setbacks, especially when dealing with insurance companies. You can sidestep all these problems if you hire a personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney will get started on your case early and know how to avoid any legal setbacks. Therefore, ensuring you receive your compensation a lot earlier. 

You’ll Receive Professional Advice And Make Better Decisions

When filing a truck accident insurance claim, it’s expected that victims will make many important decisions. And if you’re not informed, decision making becomes challenging. An experienced truck accident lawyer is a treasure trove of information that you should take advantage of. Your attorney’s advice will be a real asset to you during the negotiations. You’ll be able to make informed decisions that will positively influence the outcome of the negotiations in your favor. 

It’s impossible to anticipate when an accident will happen. It’s also impossible to place a monetary value on the suffering accident suffering go through. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t receive compensation to help you rebuild your life. If you’d like our help to file an insurance claim, call us and schedule a free consultation.

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