In India, as the world is becoming digital or as it is said that it is going online, new bloggers are coming and in the coming time new bloggers will keep coming to make their career in the field of blogging. has become a good part-time job is to create a website first we to make a blog with domain and hosting us to make the website very thing required today we will learn a subject he whom we HOSTING Top 5 Best Web Hosting For Beginners 2021

What is Hosting?

To make a blog and website, we need hosting, what is hosting, whatever we have to keep on the website like art, photos or videos, we need space to keep all these things and we keep all these things where we It is called hosting, hosting is the life of any blog or website, so it is very important for us to have a best hosting for our website or blog, which is Top 5 Best Web Hosting For Beginners 2021, although there are many hosting providers in the market. 

What to look for  while buying hosting : – While  buying hosting, especially pay special attention to the following things, the first thing to be seen while buying new hosting is that if there is any problem in your hosting of customer support, then how soon its support And after that the speed of that website is seen that how soon the website is opening, the sooner your website will open, the better the hosting will be, a good hosting also helps your website to be SEO and last seen Its price goes that your hosting should neither be more cheap nor should be more expensive, today I will tell you about 5 such websites whose speed will be very fast and the price will also be right Top 5 Best Web Hosting For Beginners 2021 Hosting 4 Types Is 1.Shared Hosting 2.VPS Hosting 3. Cloud Hosting , 4.Dedicated hosting Today we will learn about shared hosting, it is right for beginners. 

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Top 5 Best Web Hosting For Beginners 2021

  • Bluehost 
  • AccuWeb Hosting
  • Siteground 
  • a2 HOSTING
  • Hostinger
  • HostGater 

AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb possesses a very old name in the world of hosting technology.AccuWeb was established in 2003, and They offer a platform to host your website for  Small businesses to Millions of Dollars of big Enterprises. So yes, AccuWeb Hosting is the right place to stop.

They have 15+ server Locations around the world; not only that, but they also have 1 Million + Websites under Management. 

They offer all possible Web hosting services like web hosting, Cloud Hosting, Fully Managed Windows Hosting, Windows cloud hosting, VPS Hosting,  WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, and Forex VPS, Other Application Hosting, and many more.   

They never lag in performance and security with powerful servers, the latest software, and high connectivity. You can check this out.”

1. Bluehost

Bluehost has a very old name in web hosting, it is the best hosting company, in this you get one year domain free with hosting, in this way you can easily create your website on WordPress if you are looking for a high quality hosting and If its price is not too high, then Bluehost will be the best for you, in this you get the option of 24/7 life chat, its customer support is also the best, it is the no.1 best hosting provider company in India. 

2. SiteGround

Sitegroud is considered to be the best hosting in the world in terms of hosting, its price is definitely a bit expensive but the speed of a hosting is absolutely ruckus, in this also you get the option of 24/7 life chat customer support.

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If you want to spend good money in hosting then this hosting will be the best for you. The speed of this hosting is definitely world class but its price is also very high, in this also you will get four types of hosting 1.shared hosting, 2.woo commerce hosting , 3. cloud hosting , 4. wordpress hosting This hosting is considered the best for WordPress 


Whenever it comes to the speed of any hosting, the name of a2 hosting is taken first in it because the whole focus of this hosting is more on the speed of the hosting, it uses Turbe (20x UPto faster) and NV Me Storage which is their Provides fast speed to hosting, one special thing is that their customer support is very strong, it also has 24/7/365 Guru crew in customer support, in this you get instant support, in this you get money bach guarantee if you have hosting in this If you do not like it, you will get your full money back, in this you do not have to worry about hosting slow and it will also cost you less than SiteGround.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is a Best Hosting Provider Company for Beginners You get 24/7 chat support in Hostinger Hostinger is a best cheap and good hosting provider company and along with its speed the support is also good Hostinger’s shared hosting plan is something like this is 

In this, you will get 1 free domain by taking a popular plan, so that you will not need to buy a domain separately, Hostinger is a good hosting for beginners, Hostinger is on the 4th position in our list, so its plan is also the best. 

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5 . HostGATER

Hostgator is also the best hosting provider company for you, its speed is also very high and its price is also normal, it is a best hosting company to start blogging, it also has good customer support 24/7 life chat service is available Hostgator gives you 99.9 Promises to give % UP TIME 

Apart from this, you are ready to support 24/7, its customer support life chat with phone, email is also supported, if you do not like the service of Hostgator, then you can get your money back within 45 days.

So today we have learned that Top 5 Best Web Hosting For Beginners which is the best hosting company of 2021 which is the best to start your website or blogging.

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