How to Create Blog and How to Earn Money from It

By making a good blog on the internet, you can earn good money as well as a good name in it, in today’s time there is a good and easy way to earn money from a blog, today we will know that How to create a blog? This question must also arise in your mind that how to make a blog to earn money? In today’s time, the blog is a good part-time work, so that you can earn money by doing some work sitting at home, today we will tell you the complete process that How to create a blog? so that you can easily understand

Where to start 2021

Many people search on Google how to start a blog? When they get the result, they create a blog, but then their blog is not able to succeed, so we will first know on which topic to make a good blog in 2021 so that your interest is also being created in it, there are many such topics on which blog is created. You can create a blog in 2021 on popular topics like fitness, news technology, hearth, cooking, if you want to become a professional blogger, then you should not fall in the trap of free because you cannot create a professional blog on it, first of all you have to You have to decide in which language to write a blog, if you know English then it is best otherwise you can write in Hindi also. Following things are needed to start blogging like.

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  • Must have a computer or laptop.
  • Must have a basic internet connection
Blog Kaise Banaye 2021

1. Buy a Domain

First of all, you buy a domain, to access any website, it has an address, which we have to register, there are many such websites on the Internet that provide domains, in which Big Rock, Go daddy is considered the best. Register the domain. There is some fee to get it done, search the domain you want and register it if it is present.

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2. Buy a Hosting

The most important thing after buying a domain is hosting, you need space on the internet to keep video images or articles, we call it hosting, one thing is seen while buying hosting is its speed, as good as its speed. Your site will be open as soon as it remains. Like domain, you also have to buy hosting which you can buy from many websites like A2hosting, Hostinger, Inter server, go daddy or big rock.

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3.Link the Domain to the Hosting

If you have bought a domain and a hosting, then now you have to link your domain to the hosting, on the website from which you have bought your domain, you will have to create an account and login to it, then after that you have to click on your domain. And after that whatever is written in the server name, you have to delete it, then after that you login to your hosting account and you will get the server name, in this you will get two address numbers, copy them one by one and paste them in your domain server. Give and update so that your domain will be linked to the hosting.

4. Installing WordPress

After taking the domain and hosting and linking these two to each other, now you have to install WordPress to manage your website.

You can install any one of WordPress and Joomla, but most of the websites that have been made on the Internet are built on WordPress, because you can understand the WordPress panel very easily, so you should install WordPress itself, it is very easy.

5. theme and plugin installed to |

After installing WordPress, you have to install the theme and plugin, after installing this, the whole look of your website will change. You can add features as per your wish.

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6. Now you have to write articles

Now you have to create a page on your blog and write a post, there is a difference between a page and a post, the page does not have the option of category or comment and these are statics, whereas in the post you get all the options like commenting or sharing. It is very important to create a page, without which you cannot get the approval of Google Adsense, some important pages like Privacy Policy, about us, contact us, Disclaimer and Terms & Condition etc. It is very important to have all these pages.

7. Next you need to create menu and widget

You must have seen in the blog that there is a menu in which there are many pages or categories and by clicking on it, one easily reaches the page, in such a way that there are widgets in which some boxes are made on the left or right side. In which ads or other items are kept, you can also easily create such in your blog, in the dashboard of WordPress, you will get an option of Appearance, by clicking on it, first you create a menu and you can give it any name. Post or link in that menu, add whatever category you want now, after that you suck the location where you have to put the menu.

In this way, you will also get the option for the widget, first you go to Appearance, then you will find many widgets on that, just you have to choose the location which widget to keep, after that save it to place ads on your website. You also use the widget for this, so you can use the feature on the side of your website.

8. After this, now just focus on writing the post.

After doing all this, you just have to focus on writing the post, if you write a post daily, then it is very good if you want to write after one day, then it is good if you write regular post then it will help you to increase your ranking on Google. It also helps, you can take the idea of ​​writing a post from wikipidia or wikihow, you can write the post in your own words, you have to pay attention that the post is not to be copied by anyone, taking the idea is not called copy because there are thousands on the same topic on the internet. Article exists which cannot be called copy.

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9. Submitting to Google Search Console

Google Search Console is also called Google Web Master Tools, after creating any of our sites, we have to put our website in the Google search engine, most of the traffic comes to the website from the search engine itself, when any person Google anything. But searches in the search engine, so we have to submit our website to the search engine like Google or other search engine so that the article of our blog comes in the search engine when any person searches on that topic, for this we have to create an account on other website. You have to submit it to the search engine and put the XML of your site. Sitemap is a list of all the articles and pages of our site, so that the search engine keeps putting every new page and article in the search engine itself.

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10. Submit to Google Adsense

In today’s time, the best way to earn money from a blog or youtube is google adsense, the most source of earning from the blog is advertising, users come to the website and their interest is added, then they click on it, this makes the blog honorable. Google Adsense is very popular, Google Adsense is very popular, it shows very clean ads and has auto options to place ads, you just have to put the code of Adsense in your website then your site Pat ad will start showing

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