Inbound sale is a process that refines the potential customer’s challenges, priorities, interests, and pain points. Unlike traditional sales techniques, inbound sales concentrate less on the sales pitch and deal closing. It focuses on educating, guiding, and supporting potential buyers to make an informed purchase decision. 

According to sales analysts, inbound leads [backlinks] are potential buyers that are ready to buy. It means, the sales rep has to nurture the buyer’s interest via interaction, education, guidance, and advocacy. The sales rep has to avoid sales pitches but build a relationship via playing the role of a consultant. 

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Proven and effective inbound sales strategies

Carefully target backlinks

Link building campaigns need to first define the buyer’s persona. Identify their biggest challenge and interests. Talk to your existing consumers about why they chose you or how your brand has helped them. It makes creating appealing marketing content and messages.

Leverage data

Whenever you encounter an external lead or link on a landing page then collect details or obtain an email address. You can check on their social media profiles and learn a lot. Customize marketing message and make it personalized and relevant. 

Document buyer’s journey

Every external lead is not ideal but moves with the hope that the journey transforms from a casual visitor to a satisfied customer. Remember, products with low rates always result in impulsive buying but if your costs are high then it takes time to nurture a lead and convert. 


The buyer’s motivation will drive the journey. You cannot create their journey but it offers you a chance to get to know their journey and take steps in making it easy for them. The buyer journey includes awareness that they have issues, recognizing a solution you provide, considering your solution, and making a decision. 

Make things easy

Documenting every phase of the buyer’s journey helps you identify the next necessary content. Consider all the FAQs at every sale funnel stage and write suitable content. It ensures that your prospects find their answers with ease. 

Make sure that the sales process is a one-click process, if possible. Always make sure that prospects find navigating and using your website easy.

Match message with actions

One of the huge mistakes large companies that get thousands of leads to make is improper management of those leads. There has to be a process streamlined to engage and nurture the leads towards sales. 

Not just sending emails is enough. You need to get creative and backup the automation message with action and attention. Follow-up lead calls humanly, if possible!

Get proactive

The inbound process means attracting prospects to your website. It doesn’t mean you have to be completely blind to the process. The lead has come to you because they were curious about your product or services and want to learn more. If you ignore it is not helpful to the lead or your business. It is 2-way communication. 

Technology has made communication easier, so start a conversation but make sure not to bombard them with a sales pitch, but show interest in their issues and find ways to resolve them or add value.

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By Siddhi