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Are you someone who always believes that truth should always get justice? If you think so, the law is the best career option for you. As a lawyer, you can bring justice to truth and be a part of the law management body of your nation. In India, thousands of aspirants every year aspire to become a lawyer.

It is because; law as a professional career bring the power to stand with the truth. It empowers them to fight for their own rights as well. Despite that, being a lawyer as a career also offers several opportunities to work with reputable firms. If you aim for a master’s in law degree, you can also envision becoming the judge of prestigious courts of India.

However, being a lawyer as a professional is not similar to any other regular profession. It demands several qualities from you. Most essentially, it demands courage, confidence, and fierceness.

Apart from that, the law also demands the best communication skills, reasoning skills, and analytical skills. If you want to choose law as a career for the future and become a lawyer, you need to endow much more than you think of. This article will get to know the steps and preparations to become a lawyer. So, read the full column and identify the steps to becoming a lawyer.

How can you become a lawyer in India?

Step-1- Read any stream after your class 10th

Most aspirants do believe that the journey to becoming a lawyer starts after the class 10th exam. However, it is so not true. You can choose any stream in your class 12th exam, as that doesn’t play any decisive role in becoming a lawyer. However, you must choose the stream that is enough for you. It is because; your class 12th board final marks matter while selections for Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree program. So, you should start early and choose a stream that can offer you better marks.

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Step-2- Pursue Bachelor’s degree in the law after your class 12th 

The decisive period starts after you complete your class 12th. It is a time when you have to decide about your further program. If you aspire to become a lawyer, then you have to choose a bachelor’s degree in law as a career program. The Bachelor’s degree is a program that starts after your class 12th. This is a five-year program that educates you on everything law and order. You will read about several cases and proceedings and relevant hearings about them.

Step-3- Pursue an integrated law program

If you want to seek a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree at a time, you need to aim for integrated programs in law. The integrated programs are also five-year programs but offer you a blend of bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The perk that you get from choosing an integrated program is that you can grasp law subjects and graduation subjects. The integrated law program also saves you a year. So, you need to make a robust decision about what program you should choose after your class 12th.

What entrance exams should you appear to become a lawyer?

There are several national law universities around India. Different universities do have different entrance exams to shortlists candidates for their seats. So, if you aim to pursue law, you have to appear abundance of entrance tests. Below are some indispensable entrance tests you need to enroll for if you wish to become a lawyer.


CLAT is an acronym for the Common Law Admission Test. It is one of the most imperative entrance tests offering seats at the topmost NLUS around India. It gives you admission to 18 prestigious national law universities in India; it offers you objective-type questions from subjects like elementary math, general knowledge, current affairs, legal aptitude, logical reasoning, and comprehension.

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AILET is an acronym for the All India Law entrance test. This is a test that the National Law University of Delhi commences. The exam offers you admission for the integrated BA LLB program at Delhi NLU; the exam question will test your legal aptitude, reasoning, GK, English, and Numerical Ability skills.


LSAT stands for Law School admission test. It is a standard Law admission test that offers you admissions to law schools like IIT Kharagpur, Faculty of Law (SRM University), Jindal Global School of Law, and Alliance school of law.


Symbiosis entrance test is a prevalent test for aspirants who wants to read in Symbiosis international university. Symbiosis conducts this exam to offer admissions to its law program. This exam also offers you questions from general knowledge, current affairs, legal aptitude, logical reasoning, and mathematics.

After securing a law degree, you can become a lawyer and grab opportunities at several law firms.


Keeping it short, this is how you can become a lawyer in India. Now that you know the approaches, you should start preparing early and join for Law coaching classes if you are not sure about how to prepare and what to prepare. However, make sure you are choosing the right law program that assists you in becoming a lawyer easily.

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