Dropshipping in eCommerce seems to work pretty well. We come across several courses based on the same thing. But is everything worth the time and money? This is what I ask whenever I come across every course. The same was the case for the Store Formula from Jon Mac. Read through to find my personal Jon Mac review and his course details. 

Introduction to Jon Mac 

Jon is an entrepreneur, internet marketer, influencer, and motivator. He is a renowned author and is the co-founder of Commerce HQ. Until now, Jon helped around 4000 students create their eCommerce world and earn the revenue they always dreamt of. 

Jon has a decent following in his social media platforms, and shares inspiring content there too. In my opinion about Jon Mac review, I feel he is really confident and good at what he does. His methods and tips have proven results which Jon himself uses. But is the course worth all the hype? We’ll see that soon. 

Store Formula Overview 

Before I give my genuine Jon Mac review, let me share what the course teaches everyone enrolling for it. 

What to expect from the course? 

Most of you reading this might have guessed by now that the Store Formula is an online course with several videos, mp3 recordings, transcripts, and a lot more. Here, you can find step-by-step guidance on how to create an eCommerce business from scratch. 

Jon provides an excellent alternative to the Shopify platform with his Commerce HQ. His platform is way ahead of the Shopify platform, leading to a heated debate between the two. But let’s stick to the Jon Mac review for now. You can expect the following things from the Store Formula. 


Alumni Community 

Jon provides access to a private Mastermind FB group. Here, anyone can interact with thousands of Jon’s former students who also help you through your eCommerce journey. 

6 Stores using Commerce HQ 

Enrolling in the course gives everyone free access to the Commerce HQ platform for one year. Using this, you can create up to 6 eCommerce platforms and run the businesses. 

Proven Results 

Jon claims that he achieved proven results as most of his students are now successful in creating a successful eCommerce empire. You can actually trust these claims, and they are indeed true! 

Store Formula Course Breakdown 

As mentioned above, the Store Formula is an online course. It can be accessed anywhere and at any point in time with an internet connection. Jon designed the courses pretty well, and the whole planning is quite impressive. This part of my Jon Mac review is what I enjoyed the most! 

The Welcome Before beginning the course, Jon gives a brief about it after introducing himself. Here, we can see Jon mentioning the people for whom he designed the course. Jon says that the Store Formula is for those who are entirely new to eCommerce and those with an established store and looking to develop it further. In my opinion, this course is the best choice for everyone. 

  • Week 1 

The first week of the Store Formula course has 10 modules. Here, Jon walks his students through preparing themselves for the eCommerce world and building an online source on their own. As I mentioned earlier, he provides access to his Commerce HQ website, using which anyone can create up to six different online stores. 

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Here, Jon shares a formula by mixing your current state and the road to the life you are living at present. Having the right mindset is absolutely necessary to maintain an online store. Jon Mac’s Store Formula gets all the brownie points from me, for that matter! 

  • Week 2 

This week has 14 modules for the students. Here, Jon guides his students to find their winning products based on their eCommerce stores. Jon shares that it is best to go with the existing ones instead of trying out something new. So, he provides a special software that helps analyze how different ads on Facebook work. 

Jon emphasizes that an eCommerce store needs only one product to generate the revenue you are looking for. Right from the product pricing to its profit margins, Jon discusses everything that influences your business. He also provides some tips on how we can choose the right product by using all these aspects. 

  • Week 3 

Week 3 of the Store Formula has 11 modules talking about the Facebook ad campaigns. Jon and his team claim to have cracked the algorithm related to the Facebook ads and guide his students based on that. Apart from covering the ad campaigns, Jon also talks about how to create an ad for your product. 

Generally, other eCommerce courses don’t emphasize these so-called secret campaigns run by Facebook. It is hard to find any information about these at all. Jon Mac’s methods are pretty clear and cover a lot of useful information to help with your business. 

  • Week 4 
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This is the last week of the Store Formula course. This week, Jon talks about the need of forming a good team for running the business successfully. He advises his students to start hiring as soon as the sales on their websites begin. Jon suggests his students have a team for customer service, project management, and launching the ads. According to him, maintaining an efficient team can help reach the goal faster. 


The course also gives access to five Q&A sessions where you can get all the answers related to the sessions. 

Is the course worthy? 

If I have to say about the Jon Mac review and if it is really useful, I’d say yes. The best thing about this course is that the entries stop for a while. There is a scope for the new students only after the previous batch ends. So, there is no chaos and mess at any time during the course. I also loved the way the courses are structured and the way Jon deals with the students. Be it the detailing, comprehensive description, or Jon’s methods, everything about the course is a great thing for starting your eCommerce business. 

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