Return Rakhi Gift

Return Rakhi gifts are the perfect gestures for brothers to express love and appreciation for their sisters on Raksha Bandhan. With a wide selection of gifts available, the best way to make lasting memories is with items that resonate with your sister’s personality or favourites. Online gift stores offer a seamless way to buy, customise, and arrange home delivery services. To help you make lasting impressions on your sister, this Raksha Bandhan, we share thoughtful return rakhi gift for sister by personality. Take a look!

Food-lover sibling

Food is considered the best way to touch the hearts of loved ones all the time. Make lasting impressions on your food-loving sister this Raksha Bandhan with her favourite cuisines and treats.

Traditional snacks: Soan Papdi, Namkeen, chocolates,

Sweet treats: Chocolates, cakes, cupcakes, jar cakes, cookies,

Fresh fruits: Bananas, oranges, apples, grapes,

Dry fruits: Pista, cashew nuts, and Almonds.

Nature lovers

Thanks to your nature-loving sister, you appreciate the decorative, refreshing and spiritual plants at home. Let your green thumb sister know how much you appreciate her efforts this Raksha Bandhan with plants, flowers, and gardening tools.

Plants: Bonsai, Lucky Bamboo, Money, and snake plant

Flowers: Carnations, Lilies, Gerberas, Daisies, Orchids, and Lavender.

Gardening tools: Garden scissors, hand trowels, pruning shears, and hand forks.

Night owl

From updating notes and catching up on work to meditating, nighttime is almost the same as daytime! Make the best impressions on your sister this Raksha Bandhan with worthwhile items for burning the midnight oil.

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Noise-cancelling headphones: choose her favourite brands and colours.

Scented candles: choose her favourite colours and scents.

Coffee/tea: give her an energy boost to stay up late with a coffee/tea subscription. Include a personalised mug and snacks.


You are always in trouble with your sister about time-keeping! Let your early bird sister know how much you appreciate her efforts with wishful time gift items this Raksha Bandhan. Some of the essential items for time-keepers that you can have personalised with a message, her name, photo, and more!

Wall clock: there are various wall clock designs and customisations.

Wristwatch: is she a formal or casual dresser? Choose wristwatches that resonate with her style and favourite colours.

Alarm: Keep your sister ahead of the game with an alarm clock gift.


Make the best impressions on your bookworm sister this Raksha Bandhan with inspiring gifts. There are many gift options available for every bookworm out there! Melt her heart with personalised

A good read: Take the journal and pen surprise to the next level and opt for personalisations such as a photo and message.

Journal: from travel adventures, and homework, to writing cherished memories, journals are the right way to document thoughts and plans.

Accessories: table lamp, pen, pencils, and bookmakers.


Have a travel lover in the house? Express love and best wishes to your travel sister on Raksha Bandhan with useful travel items she will appreciate.

Bags: Options include handbags, suitcases, tote bags, makeup organisers, passport covers, neck pillows & face masks.

Comfortable clothing:  From ice-skating to trekking, many clothing options are available for all adventurers. Pick clothing items that resonate with her favourite travel adventures.

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Be the best brother in the world! Spruce up the Raksha Bandhan celebrations and surprise your technophile sister with the latest gadgets and devices. There is always something for every technophile, from glasses with blue light filters, smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, and smartwatches to desc organisers.


A fashion-loving sister can be nagging at times when you just want to wear your favourite clothes. But, what to do, she always wants the best for you! This Raksha Bandhan, let your fashion-loving sister know how much you appreciate the way she understands trending fashion with her favourite fashion items. So, pick her favourite brands, colours, and designs.


She is always making a fuss that you have to eat and leave good! Thanks to your health-conscious sister, you are fit as a fiddle. This Raksha Bandhan, let her know how much you appreciate her commitment to a healthy online rakhi gift hamper.

You can include items such as fresh and dry fruits, a heart monitor, a smartwatch, protein bars & shakes, and a gym kit.