Some people have the impression that the power of persuasion is something negative, and the reason for this is that they conflate persuasion with manipulation.

You might be wondering if they aren’t the same thing. Let’s look at how they differ.

Manipulation Vs persuasion

Persuasion is not the same as manipulation.

Manipulation is defined as the act of dishonestly or misleadingly influencing another person to your advantage.

While persuasion is a communication strategy used to recommend a specific product or service to end-users that will ultimately benefit the user.

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Persuasion in marketing

In marketing, persuasion is the process of developing strategies for selling goods or services by leveraging our understanding of how people think.

When it comes to conducting business online, the layout of a web page or website plays an important role in the field of persuasive marketing.

When it comes to web design, there is no conscious control over the decision-making process.

The use of human psychology in web design features such as layout, typeface, and copy, along with the provision of appropriate promotional messages, has the potential to influence website visitors and encourage them to navigate through the site in accordance with predetermined routes.

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Using persuasion in marketing is so powerful that it helps you get people to do what they need to do, rather than simply browsing the site.

Persuasion in marketing – Some major elements

There are some main components to consider when applying the power of persuasion to marketing. Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these components.


When telling a story, it’s important to make use of a narrative framework so that you can evoke the sentimental and subconscious response of your audience.

Evoking habitual emotional responses such as love, empathy, familiarity, and a desire for victory or resolution can also be accomplished by employing specific words and images.

This can persuade a customer to buy your product or use your service in the long run.


Persuasion marketing also includes neuromarketing, which is an important component in its own right. Using this component, you are able to incorporate psychological principles into a marketing message.

Did you know that? Using psychological research, you can learn about the various factors that influence a decision.

In most cases, more than ninety percent of the result occurs without the participant’s conscious reasoning being involved.

Structured communication 

Controlling the order of the content, or how your information is displayed to the customer, is central to structured communication.

The ultimate goal is to influence the user along his own “impulse curve.” This is accomplished by first encouraging the user’s impulse and then influencing with a call to action when the impulse level reaches its peak.

When designing a website, the first page that the customer sees should not immediately seek a sale, but rather present an initial message and encourage the customer to explore the website further.

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When it comes to writing headlines, product descriptions, and more, copywriting is all about using the right words or phrases.

It is important for you, as a marketer specializing in persuasion, to carry out an A/B test using different versions of your content in order to identify the piece that can evoke the desired feeling in the user or offer the most helpful response to the user’s question.

Concluding thoughts 

Now that you have a better understanding of the power of persuasion in marketing, examine your web page, website, or email marketing templates to see what can be easily changed to make your content more persuasive.

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