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In the commercial facility industry, Waterhog mats are a well-known industry leader and a popular choice among commercial facilities in a wide range of industries. But what is it about these floor mats that make them so effective? We put together this introduction to Waterhog matting products to give you a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most well-known commercial floor mat brands in the industry. 

The Method By Which They Are Created

Waterhog mats are made of a thermoplastic polymer known as polypropylene, which is a particular type of thermoplastic polymer. It is an incredibly resilient material that is highly effective in cleaning and resistant to liquid spills. Polypropylene is used to make plastic bottles. The fact that it is waterproof further distinguishes Waterhog mats as a practical choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. We encourage readers to read our article titled an introduction to polypropylene for additional information.

The Way They Appear

If you compare Waterhog mats to traditional entrance mats, you will notice that they have a superior cleaning ability because of the different surface textures they have. The “raised nub” pattern may be the most well-known of these texture patterns. In keeping with the name, this surface pattern is comprised of horizontal rows of raised, crush-resistant nubs that aggressively scrub at shoes as they pass over the pattern. They are spaced apart to allow dirt particles to fall below the surface of the mat, effectively trapping and controlling debris before it has a chance to get into the building.

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The herringbone pattern is a second popular surface texture for Waterhog floor mats that are becoming increasingly popular. It is distinguished by horizontal slat rows aligned from side to side in a horizontal pattern. Like its counterpart the more traditional nub pattern, this pattern is aggressive and cleans effectively. It also has enough negative space between each diagonal slat to allow dirt and debris to fall beneath the mat’s surface.

Aesthetically Pleasing But Functional Finishing Touches

Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose a Waterhog product over a more traditional floor mat is the additional “functional finishing touches” that the products provide. The majority of Waterhog mats, for example, are equipped with water dam technology, which surrounds the mat and allows the retention of up to 1.5 gallons of water. Another essential functional element is a 100 percent nitrile rubber backing, which provides additional slip resistance after the application has been completed. Most excitingly, the Waterhog eco line has introduced a comprehensive collection of products that are 100 percent environmentally friendly. Project managers working on leed projects and other environmentally conscious businesses can turn to the Waterhog eco line for a high-quality, environmentally friendly product that also qualifies for leed project credits.

Additional Information Can Be Obtained By Contacting

Our mat representatives are available to help you with Waterhog products such as Waterhog doormats, logo mats selections, and consultations at our site. Our service team is equipped with the expertise and knowledge to help you find the best matting solution for your business. Now is a great time to review your facility’s safety matting products, and if necessary, to upgrade your entrance system.

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