The mattress industry has got advanced in the past few years. Presently, you can find several options that will help you get the best level of comfort. A lot of people have this concern as to whether the weight of the mattress has any relation to its longevity and quality. 

To provide you clarity on this topic, we will compare the advantages and drawbacks of heavier and lighter mattresses. It will help you determine the ideal mattress for your sleep.

Types Of Mattresses

Here are the widely popular mattress types that you can find on the market. 

  • Innerspring mattresses

These mattresses contain different types of coils. These coils are “individually wrapped” to offer enhanced support to the sleeper. If you are planning to buy the best cooling mattress, then visit best This is the No.1 mattress review site that provides valuable information about mattresses to help you make the right buy.

  • Regular foam mattresses

This type of mattress is lighter than its counterparts. It is made of latex foam that is pliable in nature. It also offers as much assistance as separated coils. 

  • Pillow top mattresses

This mattress is a standard innerspring mattress. It has an attached top surface that is soft as compared to the underlying support. 

  • Memory foam mattresses

This mattress is made of viscoelastic polyurethane. They conform to the body shape of the sleeper that sleeps on it. The major disadvantage of this material is that the polyurethane is amazingly hot when it is compared to other types of bed. This makes a memory foam mattress less desirable in warm or summer climates.

  • Gel mattresses

Gel mattresses resemble like same properties as that of a memory foam mattress. The major difference is that it doesn’t lead to a build-up of heat between the mattress and sleeper. 

  • Hybrid mattresses

This type of mattress places gel tops over the innerspring mattress body, enabling couples with varying preferences firmness to share the same bed. Box spring is another type of mattress available. These mattresses are motorized to alleviate and reduce the level to create an inclined sleeping surface. They are beneficial for those who experience frequent, and sleep-induced headaches, and lower back pain.

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How Does Mattress Weight Impact It’s Quality?

Heavy mattresses indeed have superior quality in comparison to lighter mattresses. This also depends on what is filled inside the mattress. To get a good night’s sleep, it is required that the material doesn’t only has to be heavy, it should also be filled with materials that offer comfort to the user.

The advantages of heavy mattresses

Besides being expensive, a heavy mattress is less stable around the base. This implies that they are better at holding their shape and size for a longer period. This mattress is made of more layers that offer greater breathability, and comfort to the user. 

The drawback of a heavier mattress

Due to its heavyweight, this mattress requires more effort to displace. It can prove to be costly to ship from one place to another. 

The advantage of a lighter mattress

These mattresses are easy and affordable to ship from one place to another.

The drawback of a light-in-weight mattress

Lighter mattresses are not stable. As they move around more, they become more susceptible to wear and tear and may require frequent repairs.

Types Of Comfort Layer Materials

A mattress is filled with the following types of comfort materials. 

  • Natural fillings are fire retardants in nature. These include bamboo, horsehair, wool, silk, and cotton that are hypoallergenic, dissipate moisture, breathable, reactive to temperature, etc.
  • Latex material makes the mattress breathable
  • Soft white fibers that help create a comfortable layer
  • Gel-infused foam uses expensive gel-infused foam layers that are manufactured with chemicals.
  • Memory foam material enhances density, and viscosity in the material.
  • Polyurethane material makes the mattress bulky and ideal for heavy people.
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Sleep is vital for each one of us. A good night’s sleep starts with the mattress. A heavy mattress is superior to a lighter one. But just being heavy isn’t enough. It has to be made with the best quality materials that result in a comfortable sleep experience. Also, look for a hypoallergenic mattress, non-toxic, and long-lasting.

By Siddhi