Millions of people use the Internet every day in the world, nowadays, most people do online shopping sitting at home or buy the things they need online, through which people earn money by selling things online. or when promoting your business or is this Digital Marketing says we know in today’s article of What is Digital Marketing and how to start it.

Nowadays people like to buy almost everything online, whether it is for weddings, festivals or for their personal wish, but in a few years there has been a lot of change in the way people shop. Like before, people do not shop in the market, rather they watch the goods from the shopping website sitting at home online and they shop online if they like.

That’s why people who do business like clothes shop, grocery store or toy shop, their work or business has almost stopped due to online website, it has become very difficult for those people to do business, so today we Will tell you what is digital marketing and how to start it how can you start it, so let’s start again.

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What is Digital Marketing

Many people do not know what is digital marketing, so let me tell you, digital marketing is marketing done through internet, computer and electronic device, by which no one company can market its product to its target customer in a very short time. Can reach what we also call online marketing, when any company launches its business or any new product, it does marketing to reach a lot of people, marketing means connect at the right place or at the right time. to be

What Is Digital Marketing

In today’s time, you have to connect with your customer he gives his full time and that is the place internet in India almost every class of people can use the internet and its number is increasing every day no matter which company is big Whether it is a small company or a small company, in today’s time, everyone is using the Internet for marketing, they advertise their products online, which increases their business, compared to offline, it is also useful to advertise your product in offline. For this, you have to put up big banners or posters, due to which your expenses are also high, whereas nothing like this happens online, in this, everything is promoted or promoted in a digital way through the internet, which also helps in spending, online or offline. The task of advertising your business is to reach or attract as many customers as possible.

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Why Digital Marketing is Important

Digital marketing is very important in today’s time or why digital marketing is necessary, then it is a simple example, in today’s time, almost everyone uses the internet, digital marketing is a simple medium to reach customers through digital technology when in earlier times. I did not have smartphones, then people used to advertise their products through TV, Newspaper, Radio and Magazine because in this time people used to use TV, Newspaper and Radio more and in all these places countless companies advertise their products. He used to preach

People used to buy products from the market after seeing the same advertisements and their products were sold, but nowadays, especially in the era of smartphones, young people spend all their time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube instead of TV from YouTube. Watch videos, listen to songs on different apps instead of radio and read blogs online instead of newspapers, this is the reason why now companies advertise their products in digital way and they promote their company in the same place. More internet users are found

Through digital marketing, it helps the company to reach its product to the customers, earlier people used to go to the market to buy the goods which used to take time, in today’s time people sitting at home in less time than sitting at home from the internet to get the desired goods. lets go shopping

Digital marketing is helping not only the customers but also the company in doing business because they are able to connect to more customers in less time and it also reduces the cost as their product is getting faster. And more will be seen in the future because the cost is less and the profit is more.

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Where and how can I start Digital Marketing

In today’s time, you can promote your product digitally only through social media, there are many mediums, about which one by one you will know in detail how you can promote your company’s product digitally, nowadays there are many such social media. Platform by which you can promote your product like

What is Digital Marketing?


Blogging is the best and easiest way to promote your product in today’s time, the best way of digital marketing is blogging, in which you create a blog in the name of your company, in which the services provided by the company. You can tell about it and whenever your new products will be launched, then you should give information about it with full details on your blog, by this you will be able to attract many customers towards you.

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2.You tube Channel Marketing

YouTube is the second most used search engine in today’s time, due to which there is a lot of traffic on YouTube, it is a way where you can promote your product through video, you must have seen that when on YouTube. If you click on a video, then the video of the advertisement is shown at the beginning of the video or in the middle of the video, it is actually the marketing of a company’s product, which people see and attract more number of viewers on YouTube. Live, which makes it easy to earn money by advertising your product

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What is Digital Marketing?

3 . Content marketing

In content marketing, you can write all the information about all the products made by your company in the form of a content, one thing should be kept in mind that while writing the content, you have to make the sentence correctly and attractively, in which you will have to deal with the product and Offers will also have to be told, the user reading it will like your words and your business will also increase and this will increase the sales of the product.

4 . Search engine optimization (seo)

If you want to get a lot of traffic or customers on your blog through search engine, then it is very important for you to know about SEO. Presents it in front of the user, if your website comes on top in Google’s search system, then most people come to know about your business, blog, so you have to keep your website according to the instructions by Google so that there is a lot Orgnic traffic can come to your website.

What is Digital Marketing?

5 . social media Marketing
digital marketing kya hai in hindi

Social media is an important part of digital marketing because most people these days spend their time on social media, not only can the businessman promote his product or services on social media, but he can also know what the user is about his plan. You can talk about social media marketing can prove to be very helpful for your business. In social media platforms, you can advertise your business on FACEBBOK , TWITTER , INSTAGRAM , SNAPCHARTS , PISTEREST   , LINKEDIN .


Whenever you read a blog or website, you must have seen many advertisements in it or watch videos on YouTube, which are shown in the middle of the video or in the beginning, most of the advertisements are shown by Google, any merchant with the help of Google Adwords You can market your product, this is a paid service for which you have to pay Google, Google shows these ads on good websites or blogs, which you can reach your business to the target logo or everywhere through Google Adwords. You can run many types of Ads like Text Ads, Image Ads, GIF Ads, Video Ads, Pop Up Ads, Banner Ads etc.

There are many other ways by which you can do digital marketing and increase your business or reach more people. If any one is left then you can tell by commenting below and share on social media.

What is Digital Marketing?

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