You all must have heard the name of youtube, this is such a name of the internet which is used by almost everyone in today’s time, today I am going to tell you that you are absolutely right in How to Earn Money from Youtube 2021 . Read nowadays people are earning lakhs of rupees from YouTube, that too sitting at home, now you must be thinking that how well, today we tell you that you are sitting at home on How to Earn Money from Youtube 2021,  just a few steps have to be followed so that you You can also earn good money from YouTube, so without wasting time let’s come to the topic that How to Earn Money from Youtube 2021 , then let’s start.

6 best ways to earn money online

You Tube se paise kaise kamaye

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s most used social media platform, on this platform you will get all kinds of information, you will easily get good information on YouTube like technology, movies, songs, reviews, cooking related, fashion and many more. There are topics on which you will easily get videos in your language.

You Tube se paise kaise kamaye

This question must also arise in your mind that after all people are doing YouTube se paise kaise kama, money can be earned from YouTube in many ways, although there are many ways to earn money online but the best and easiest way is You Tube because you can earn money without any investment for the least money or you say that some things will be needed to earn money from YouTube.

  1. You must have a mobile or camera
  2. basic internet connection
  3. you want to create a youtube channel
  4. Good knowledge of any topic
  5.  make video on youtube
  6. rank video
  7. 3 ways to make money
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mobile or camera you have

By the way, in today’s time everyone has a mobile or camera, if you do not have a camera, then your work will be done with mobile too because on YouTube you can record video from mobile’s camera too.

basic internet connection

Nowadays, in the age of internet, everyone is doing it to the internet, to make any video you make on YouTube public, you will need internet, nowadays it is the era of 4G, in which you yourself get a good internet connection. You don’t have to think much about

you want to create a youtube channel

After having these two things, you will have to create a YouTube channel, without creating a YouTube channel, you cannot post videos on YouTube. To create a YouTube channel, you will need a Gmail or you can Google the Gmail you have created. You can create it by login with it, after that your YouTube channel will be created.

A good knowledge of the topic

After creating a YouTube channel, now you have to decide on which topic you want to make a video, there are many topics on which you can make videos , from which  Technology, Fashion, Cooking, Vlogging, you can also review anything. Like mobiles, laptops, etc., you can give reviews of all kinds of things and there are many other topics on which you can make videos.

make video on youtube

If you have decided now, then start making videos on that topic, while making videos, pay attention to some things so that your video and audio quality should be good And for audio, you can use an earphone or Bluetooth mic, if you do some video editing in it after making a video, then it makes the video very good, there are many such applications which are free in mobile for video editing. You can do it like kinemaster is the best of these, which you can download from the google play store, while making a video, you have to keep in mind that the video or contact copyrights should be free.

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rank video

After making a video on YouTube, it is time to rank it. Ranking a video on YouTube requires the following many things. The most important thing is that its title should be good. Title plays an important role in ranking the video. The most important thing is the thumbnail so that it shows on which topic our video is made, the thumbnail of the video should be visible, after that it should be tagged so that if a tag is posted on YouTube, then your video will show in it. then it is necessary

Write the description of the video  well so that if the user reads then subscribe to the channel, in this way your video will definitely rank. Just as you can earn money on YouTube se paisa kaise kamaye, if the video ranks, then the views on your video will increase, the number of subscribers on your channel will increase and your channel will grow.

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3 ways to make money

There are many examples of earning money from YouTube, so that you can easily earn money from YouTube sitting at home, some people ask that on what does YouTube give us money, does it give us money for views?, or subscriber money. Gives, or gives money for liking, commenting or sharing, then let me tell you that YouTube does not pay for neither views, nor likes, comments or shares or subscribers, we get paid ads which are shown on our videos Hey, let me tell you the way to earn money from youtube, how you can earn money

  • Via Google Adsense
  • Through Affiliate Marketing
  • also through promotion
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Via Google Adsense 

The best and easiest way to earn money from YouTube is 60% of youtubers earn money from Adsense, Adsense is a product of Google. It is that for Adsense, you can get 1000 subscribers and after completing 4000 hours of watch time, for which you will have to apply, once you get the approval, ads will start showing on your video, which will start earning your.

Through Affiliate Marketing 

You can also earn a lot from youtube through affiliate marketing, in this you have to give an affiliate link of a product in your description.

Through that link, whatever user buys that product, you will get a commission of some rupees from the rate of that product, all the companies have different commissions, there are many such companies in India that do this work.

also through promotion

You can also earn good money through promotion on YouTube, before that you have to grow the channel, when your channel will grow, then many companies will contact you to talk about our product in your video for 20 to 30 seconds. And give the link of our product, you can also earn a lot of money for a promotion, the company gives from $ 100 to $ 200, on YouTube, you can make a lot of money through promotion.

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So in today’s article, we got complete information about YouTube Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, by following all these steps, you can earn a lot of money from YouTube.

You Tube se paise kaise kamaye 2021

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