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Laptops are used a lot in today’s daily life, as laptops take up less space than computers and can be easily taken anywhere, so in today’s article, we will tell you what to look for in the laptop buying guide. By the way, laptop has become essential in today’s daily life apart from business, so you prefer to take a laptop for your home or office work, if you are thinking of getting a laptop, then you have to pay attention to some special things while buying a laptop. it is imperative that you do not regret later | laptop buying guide & laptop when you buy must Czech pronounce this thing

laptop buying guide in hindi

laptop buying guide

How to buy the right laptop –

Nowadays most of the people prefer to buy laptop from online website because more options are available online than offline, which makes them easy but sometimes people get stuck in the problem that which laptop is best for them not to choose. find |

1. Screen (display)- Screen plays an important role in laptop. Screen is also of many types, LCD and LED etc. If you are taking laptop for your home in which you have to do painting or you have to watch a movie, then you have to go big. Screen size laptop will have to be taken, in which 15 to 17 inch laptop will be the best, if you want to take laptop for office work, then 15 inch laptop will be right for you so that you will not have any problem.

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2. RAM – Like mobile, the more RAM the laptop has, the better the full name of RAM is random access memory (ram), if you do not do much work on the laptop, then 4GB to 8GB for you. RAM is right, if you do all the work on the laptop, then up to 16GB will be best for you.

3. Hard Disk – It is very important to have a hard disk in a laptop, it is of two types, HDD and SSD, although SSD has less storage than hard disk but it gets fast storage, its lack of portable hard. You can accomplish this in disk storage, for this storage from 1TB to 2TB will be enough.

laptop buying guide

4. Processor – A good processor in a laptop accelerates its work so that it gives immediate result of the command given by us, it is very important to have a good processor in the laptop, these types are many. If you do normal work then i3 is best for you, if you do heavy work like video editing, play hard core games then i5 i7 i9 is best for you.

5.Battery – It is very important to have a good battery in the laptop. The battery of the laptop also comes with different backup, in which the battery lasting 6 to 8 hours is considered good if you take a laptop for travel. If you want, then a laptop with a battery that lasts 6 to 8 hours will be right for you.

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6. Graphics card – In today’s time it is very important to have a graphics card in a laptop, although some laptops already have a graphics card, but if you are buying a laptop for gaming, then you need a good processor. Along with this, a graphics card will also be needed, so you must take a graphics card up to 2GB or 4GB.

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Things to keep in mind while buying a new laptop

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