When you go to buy a computer for the first time, then this question must have come in your mind whether you should buy a laptop or should you buy a desktop, then you would think that I can take a laptop only and I can easily take it anywhere, anytime. This question must also come in your mind that performance will be good, all these questions must have come in your mind when you are going to buy a new or second hand computer and if you have budget work then which laptop should you buy? Or Desktop In today’s article, we will discuss such a thing as Laptop Aur Computer Mein Antar Kya Hai or which laptop and desktop is better and which one we should buy, we will know in detail about this, so let’s start. do |

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Why do you have to get a computer?

First of all, if you want to get a computer, then you have to first know that you need a computer because if you have to go from one place to another in your work, you have to go to a meeting and you need a laptop, then you have to go again. You should buy a laptop and a laptop will be a better option for you, but it is not your job to go out, you do not travel much outside, all your work is operated from home or whatever your work is, it is all home. But if you do, then Desktop Computer will be best for you, if you are buying a new laptop, then definitely see this thing 

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Laptop vs computer


When you have to buy any system, then you set a budget in it that you do not have to go above this price, suppose your budget is Rs 30,000, within this price you have to buy the system, all the desktop computers are that laptop. Your budget is below 30,000 and you have made a mood to buy a laptop, suppose you buy a laptop and the specification you are getting in it is not much for you according to your mind. Instead you can buy a good Desktop Computer under Rs 30,000, where the performance and specification will be better than the laptop, if you work on budget and you want good specification and performance then you can go with Desktop Computer.

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Laptop aur computer mean antar kya hai

Difference Between Laptop and Desktop Computer

Desktop Computer

You cannot easily take Desktop Computer anywhere because it has many different parts like Monitor, CPU, UPS, Key Board, Mouse, all of these are combined into one. Desktop Computer is made to keep from it. One place is ensured that you run on electricity, if you want to run it without electricity, then you will have to take a separate battery for this.

Laptop Aur Computer Mein Antar Kya Hai

In Desktop Computer, you can do heavy to heavy work like editing videos, developing apps and there are many other tasks that you can do on Desktop Computer with great speed and it is also cheaper than Laptop. And if you want to do any update in future, then you can do it easily.

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what is laptop

  This question must have arisen in your mind that which is the first laptop maker, then the first company is Osbrome 1 which Adam Osbrome was made in 1981, you can easily take it anywhere with you and it is very light. Compared to Desktop Computer, they are much more expensive than Desktop Computer, if you want more specification along with good performance, then you have to spend a lot of money in it, if you want to do heavy work then you will have to buy expensive laptop.

Laptop Aur Computer Mein Antar Kya Hai

Like a desktop computer in a laptop, all the parts are not separate, but all of them are connected in one, which you can see in the image above, in this you get the support of the battery, which after charging, can be taken anywhere by taking the laptop easily. can use.


The biggest difference between a laptop and a desktop is that the laptop can be easily carried anywhere by filling it in its bag and the desktop cannot be easily carried from one place to another because all the parts are connected to each other. And much more is said to change it, then you can do it like if you are using the processor now, then you can change it and install a powerful processor and your storage is full, then you can increase it by updating it. If you keep coming out more then you should take a laptop and if you get all the work done from home then you should take a desktop.
If you want to update in laptop, then you cannot update much in it but if you want to increase RAM or storage then you can do it but for that, you will need a computer expert.

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What is different between laptop and computer

Screen Size

In a computer, you get to see an advantage that you can use any large screen size in it, in this you can use any monitor with increased screen size, such as consider the screen of the monitor you have. If it is small according to your need, then in this you can easily use a monitor with increased screen size.

That if it comes to laptop in which it fixes the screen size of your laptop and if you do not add a monitor separately removing the laptop screen can  it differentiate you can use to connect to the projector from the  |

Laptop aur computer mean antar kya hai


Whenever you buy a new laptop or desktop, then you want the performance here to be of top quality, so when it comes to performance, it goes a little further than the desktop laptop, so you must have seen that on the desktop working from heavy to heavy. Those who work or are gamers also do gaming on the desktop.

If you want to buy a laptop in which you get to see top level performance, then the laptops that come are very expensive compared to desktops and will be expensive in the market.

Laptop aur computer mean antar kya hai


In today’s article, if you want to do gaming or if you give importance to your performance the most, then you can buy a desktop.

If you keep on coming more often and you always need a laptop, then you can buy a laptop.

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