Creative writing in content marketing is used to create texts that convey original and innovative messages that seek to connect with the reader. It is a writing style that starts from the imagination that, in a creative and effective way, fits words into the concepts and ideas that they want to express. It is focused on a potential audience, plays with language and revolves around a rain of words. Best of all, it allows you to create interesting text that leaves an indelible impression on the reader.

However, producing creative writing in content marketing has its art. It is not only a writing with the perfect grammar and spelling, it must also communicate a meaning and a message. In essence, it must capture valuable, coherent and relevant information that results in a positive experience for the reader. Do you want to know how to encourage it? Through a creative process and the practice of some daily habits that help you develop creativity.

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Importance of creative writing in content marketing

Writing for digital media is not the same as traditional writing, although both should be useful and enriching. A traditional text expresses the development of a main idea with an agile rhythm. While writing for the web must, in addition to this, attract and surprise (Pastrana, 2014). In addition to the above, writing with SEO techniques is an art.

That is why web content writers today bet on creative writing in content marketing , as it is a way to improve the quality of their texts and communicate the message in a more human way.

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Incorporating creativity in the elaboration of your web texts is important to create innovative content that gives added value. This makes it different from the rest of the content that already exists and makes both the text and the website unforgettable, thus improving its visibility and positioning. Thus, creative writing in content marketing can impact, persuade and captivate readers just by achieving a striking, digestible and simple text.

How to develop a creative process?

To enhance and improve your creative writing in content marketing, it is necessary to develop a creative process from the very conception of the texts. This is a procedure that is carried out to elaborate a text from originality. It is a mental process that focuses on intuitive and logical thinking styles, through exploration and discovery actions, defining the way in which ideas are built in the mind.

According to RELATA (2018), the creative process works in three phases: an idea, maturation and a plan. Each of them has an established function that is described below:

All creative writing in content marketing must start with an idea that can be precise and clear or abstract and difficult. The important thing is that it reaches the emotions and that it awakens your creative spark. To define that idea, it is essential to do what is known as keyword analysis .

Then, this spark must go through a maturation process through questions. What do I want to say or tell? How do I want to do it? Where and when does it take place? Who is the story for? And all the questions you consider necessary.

Finally, before writing you must draw up a plan where you establish the tone, rhythm and main actions. Here you can structure the catchy titles and subtitles and then develop them. It is essential that you consider the brand’s style manual before starting any development.

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From this process you can feed your creative writing in content marketing and make the writing mch more fluid and close.

Habits that will help you encourage creative writing in content marketing

Daily you can adopt habits that help you develop creative thinking. For this, it is necessary to spend a little time, get away from obligations, tasks and stressful situations. One of the ways to encourage creative writing in content marketing is to let your mind flow and allow your imagination to fly so you can enjoy the moment.

This does not mean that your content marketing strategy expresses ideas in a haphazard way. On the contrary, they must be consistent, solve problems, follow rules and respect punctuation marks. You can even use tools like the inverted pyramid method . This will help you organize your text to optimize it for online reading.

Other habits to encourage creative writing in content marketing and that you can incorporate into your routine are:

Boost curiosity and give your thoughts time

Curiosity is key to developing the creative mindset, as it encourages you to investigate further to inform yourself. This is essential for writing, since always asking yourself the why of things makes you capable of developing more complete content. You can enhance it through games that keep your mind active and thinking, always with a positive dynamic. With these you feed your thoughts and contribute to developing more creative ideas (Carmona, 2019).

Read to encourage creative writing in content marketing

Reading enriches your soul and helps you to have a creative writing in content marketing , better if you are interested in different topics. Keeping reading active encourages your imagination, increases your vocabulary, inspires you and shows you different ways to create stories. Also, you acquire new criteria and points of view that will broaden your perspective to write better content. In addition, it will allow you to learn about other stories, have more background and gain new perspectives

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Brainstorming: Fundamentals for Creative Writing in Content Marketing

To write a text you must start with a brainstorm that shows you all the alternatives to address it. Do not forget that you must write with SEO techniques . Before writing, capture all the ideas that come to your mind, then look for meaning to create a common thread. To achieve this, it is important to organize them and evaluate which is the most attractive and efficient to start the creative process (Castillero, nd). You can do this in all your activities, to know how to start and even to solve problems.

Follow the rules of the newsroom, even to write a tweet

At all times you must write like the great masters: with rules and with order. This encourages easier, more natural writing, creates more impact, and helps you identify the right words. Creative writing in content marketing requires ordering your ideas, creating short sentences, and a good use of orthographic signs (USMP, 2015). Also, you must use relevant sources and of course know how to cite in APA format .

practice intertextuality

Creative writing in content marketing does not magically appear, nor does it happen spontaneously. The reality is that it is nourished by what you read from other texts and with this intertextuality arises. This is a creative way to compose an essay even though the inspiration doesn’t appear. It is about interweaving and connecting the information of several texts to create the sustenance of yours. It is a habit that you can practice when reading a book, for example, and thinking about the many forms it can take (RELATA, 2018). I mean, can that book be turned into an essay? Or can you summarize it in a storytelling to connect with the reader?

In your daily activities you can find many other ways to encourage creative writing in content marketing . The important thing is that it is part of your routine and that you do not give up, because the creative process is very broad. Also, you will not find everything perfectly aligned, look for the correct way to structure the ideas and perhaps inspiration will find you there!

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