Nowadays everyone uses the Internet and everyone must have heard and used the name of Wi-Fi, at some point in your mind this question must have come in your mind that what is the range of Wifi and how it works. And when and who would have invented it, this question must have come in your mind at some time or the other, so in today’s article we will discuss such a topic that What is Wifi? Or how does this work, we will know about all these in detail, so let’s start, after reading this article completely, you will get the answer to all these questions that what is Wifi ? What is its range and how does it work?

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What is Wi-Fi? ( What Is Wi-Fi )

The full name of Wi-Fi is Wireless Fidelity , it is a very popular network, any person who uses a mobile must have used it at some time or the other. Wi-Fi is the name of a popular wireless technology that provides high-speed Internet and network connections. It uses radio signal to give, actually it is a wireless networking facility which is also known as WLAN i.e. Wireless Local Area Network, it is a technology through which we are using internet and network connection with its help. With this you can very easily connect devices like mobile, laptop, computer and printer to the Internet and network, it comes under the local area network, this means that this work is done only to the area, through this we can reach a limited place. just connect then will you understand Wifi Kya Hai |

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With Wi-Fi, people nowadays not only give internet but also transmit wirelessly 

Share, etc. It is said that there is no real meaning of wireless fidelity, in fact, Wi-Fi Alliances Company makes Wi-Fi devices, its name is derived from Hi-Fi i.e. High Fidelity. Connected to the Wireless Network All the smartphones, laptops, printers, and computers in today’s time have a Wi-Fi chip, through which they connect to wireless routers and use the Internet through Wireless Routers. You can access the Internet by connecting to the device with Fi, but the router also has to use DSL and Cable Mouden to stay connected to the Internet, which is connected to the ISP, otherwise the Internet access is not known.

Nowadays there are many hotspot devices in the market, in which the internet is connected through wireless technology so that we are able to use Wi-Fi.

When was Wi-Fi invented?

Wi-Fi was invented by John O’ Sullivan in 1991 AD John o’ Sullivan used to work in CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) company at that time and it is believed that his entire team worked together on Wi-Fi network. But John O’ Sullivan made some changes in it to increase the speed of the Wi-Fi network and improve its signal, so that the invention of Wi-Fi is considered to be John O’ Sullivan.

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What is Wi-Fi in Hindi?

How does Wi-Fi work?

Wi-Fi technology consists of a device that transmits a wireless signal, which is usually a Wi-Fi router or hotspot. In this, the wireless router connects to an Internet and converts the information into radio waves and Wi-Fi By connecting to the Wi-Fi signal present in the device environment, a small wirelwss signal area is formed around it which is called Wi-Fi zone, it takes the form of a small wireless network area ie WLAN in this small area. All the devices like laptops, smartphones, computers and printers all these devices have In Build Wireless Adapter, with the help of which these devices can easily get the device Wi-Fi Signal but in Desktop Computer In Build Wi- There is no Fi Adopter, so we use Wi-Fi by connecting the Adopter through the USB port.

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Whenever there is wireless communication, it always happens in 2 way radio communication, how is 2 way communication, let us tell you in detail, suppose a laptop connects to Wi-Fi and gives internet access. If so, the wireless adapter that is in your laptop converts the data into radio waves and transmits it using its antenna. Now the wireless router receives this signal and is decotted as data. Rooter Internet Wire Information sends it to the Internet through a Physical Wired Ethernet Connection and in this way data can be sent to the Wi-Fi device. The same process works in reverse as well.

In which the router receives the information, then converts it into a radio signal and then sends it to the laptop’s wireless adapter. The radio waves emanating from the Wi-Fi Router travel across the wall, in which other rooms in a building have Wi-Fi access. You can use Fi, a wireless router is enough for a home, the speed of the Wi-Fi network becomes more and more with increasing distance from the router, you can also use your mobile o hotspot as a router to connect to other Internet can be given BS his smartphone should have Wi-Fi.

What is Wi-Fi in Hindi?

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What is the range of Wi-Fi?

The range of Wi-Fi is generally around the range of this network Traditionally 2.4Ghz, its range is around 150 Feet.

And if we talk about it, then its range is 92 feet and compared to the old router which is of 5Ghz band and its range is 3 times less than this.

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What is Wi-Fi in Hindi?

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Benefits of Wi-Fi

  • You can easily connect smartphone, tablet, laptop to Wi-Fi but you device should be in Wi-Fi range.
  • Wi-Fi speed is much faster than cellular network
  • There is a limit of mobile data but in Wi-Fi service taken from broadband connection, more than 50GB data is available every day, meaning you can also say unlimited so that you can use as much data as you want.
  • With Wi-Fi router you can run in any country of the world.

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi

  • Due to it being wireless, it is difficult to give you full security in it.
  • The range of Wi-Fi is not high, due to which it gets disconnected when you go far away.
  • When multiple devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network at the same time, then its speed slows down.


In today’s article, we have tried to give you complete information about what is Wi-Fi and how it works and if you find anything missing in it, then do comment below and tell this information. If you like then share on social media.

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